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ADF are committed to building sustainable futures for our People, our Planet and our Communities

The past few years have seen social and environmental concerns pushed up the corporate agenda, as organisations have increasingly woken up to their responsibilities beyond shareholder profit. We are taking our place beside government and not-for-profits to help tackle some of society’s biggest problems. ADF was founded as an impact-driven business. We are proud of the work that we do to ensure that as the business grows, it does so responsibly, with the best interests of our People, Planet, and Community in mind.

ADF is committed to delivering the target of being carbon net zero in our own operations and the supply chain by 2050. ADF has begun monitoring the carbon emissions created through its operations and is in the process of identifying the pathway and key milestones to delivering the net zero target. We aim to decarbonise our operation by tackling our emissions at source and only offset what we are not able to remove. We intend to do this by transitioning to green energy, focusing on energy reduction and increasing efficiency and positive behaviour change.


As an example of the initiatives to transition towards greener and more efficient energy usage, in 2023, ADF launched its new EcoBase offering in conjunction with Location one. This innovative solution is set to redefine Unit Base operations by offering a sustainable infrastructure that minimises environmental impact, maximises production efficiency, and sets a new standard for eco-friendly practices. EcoBase is designed to provide production teams with an Eco-Friendly Unit Base that embraces resource conservation, waste reduction, renewable power integration, and sustainable water supply and wastewater treatments.

More information on the benefits of EcoBase can be found in the informative animation video now available to view on our website:
EcoBase Animation
EcoBase Case Study


In addition, ADF has committed to providing productions with clean energy solutions, to minimise the environmental impact and maximise the production efficiency. ADF have launched a new range of products, designed to deliver a hybrid power solution that will significantly reduce fuel usage and CO2 emissions, through the use of Stage 5 HVO Generators, Portable Battery Stores and Erica Board for data reporting.

A key feature of the EcoBase, the site wide power monitoring and hybrid power solution, combine Battery and HVO fuel generated power to lower production emissions. Results from one of our productions in 2023 have shown that this innovative power solution generated a significant reduction in fuel usage, noise pollution and the overall fuel emissions of base operations. Click here to read more about this case study.

By prioritising sustainability, ADF aims to reduce the industry’s environmental footprint and spark positive change.