At Facilities by ADF, we value experience and professionalism very highly. We also firmly believe that diligent training and thoughtfully developed procedures are vital to the maintenance of a strong and reliable workforce.

Our friendly team is made up of skilled account managers, logistics specialists, drivers and trade specialists, who live and breathe their individual crafts within the film and television industry – and also understand the sensitive nature of the projects they are required to support.

Our Service

We always aim to provide a responsive, transparent and efficient service to our clients. This begins with a straightforward quotation, then a clear agreement of the requirements that Facilities By ADF will deliver.

An account manager is appointed to act as a single point of contact, to make sure that:

  • Daily vehicle requirements are in place and on track
  • Detailed plans are created for loading, unloading, unit moves, or any additional vehicles needed
  • Each client receives a weekly report, which details the current week’s spending, plus bookings for the following week and associated costs

Once our on-location service commences, our experienced heads of department (HODs) and base teams closely manage the supply and use of our vehicles. This daily service covers:

  • Set-up and cleaning
  • Undertaking location checks with location teams,
    to check access and parking at unit base locations
  • Liaison with the production’s assistant directors (ADs) to check that each department and artiste vehicle is running as it should
  • Provision of on-the-ground updates by HODs, including changes to locations and schedules
  • Swing drivers to support the base team, for
    moving units between locations