Investment Case

A leading provider of premium serviced production facilities in an industry with high barriers to entry

  • Offers a suite of over 700 vehicles and trailers to some of the world’s largest traditional and on-demand content production companies across the UK.
  • The first high-volume facilities provider in Europe to be approved by albert, an organisation that measures and assesses the environmental impact of businesses in the film and television industry. More information on ADF’s sustainability initiatives can be found here.
  • Able to provide tailored solutions for accessibility requirements specific to the user. These can be found here
  • ADF is one of only a few reputable companies that can deliver on productions at scale due to its long-standing high-quality network of contacts and industry recognised brand.
  • ADF has several operational hubs across the UK to serve all major studios including, Pinewood, Shepperton, Elstree, Leavesden, Pioneer and Digbeth Loc. Studios.

High quality and growing
customer base

  • ADF works with some of the world’s largest film and HETV production companies, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky, Disney+, Apple TV and HBO Max to name a few.
  • ADF services between 50 and 80 productions per year, having done so for the last six years.
  • Maintaining a high-quality fleet alongside providing excellent customer service has enabled ADF to win contracts for future productions produced by its existing customers.
  • Being able to retain customers is critical for the success of a business such as ADF’s as production companies are unlikely to change provider once they know the facilities and service levels meet its requirements.

Structural market drivers present
growth opportunities

  • The Group serves customers in an industry that has experienced significant growth in recent years with additional demand driven by a material rise in the consumption of film and HETV content via streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky, Disney+, Apple TV and HBO Max.
  • Approximately £6.3bn was spent on film and HETC production in 2022 and is expected to reach £8.7billion by 2028.

Proven track record and
strong earnings visbility

  • ADF serves customers in an industry where long term planning is a requirement, given the complex logistics, number of staff, differing locations and often bespoke set requirements of each production. The length of time for planning has increased in recent years due to the rise in both demand for content and scale of productions.
  • ADF receives enquiries up to between 12 and 18 months before a production is filmed. The booking, lead time is seven months.
  • ADF reports its Net Promoter Score (NPS), an internationally recognised customer service measurement, each year, most recently reporting an overall score of 85.

Highly experienced management team
with a strong network of contacts

  • The management team has over 30 years’ experience in the film and HETV industry and so with a deep network of contacts, ADF has been able to compete for most material new UK production contracts.
  • New business enquiries regularly reach out directly to the CEO and the Group’s sales staff for quotations in relation to potential new business.
  • Acquired Location One in 2022, the UK’s most established TV and Film Location service and equipment hire company, bringing highly complementary services to ADF, cross selling opportunities and an established network of contacts, to the enlarged Group.