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Bristol Clean Air Zone – 1st March 2021

Government initiatives to improve air quality in cities through the introduction of Clean Air Zones have now been confirmed for Bristol. As of 1st March 2021, vehicles will be subject to charges if entering the zones. More information on the Clean Air Zone, Bristol here: https://www.cleanairforbristol.org/

Which areas will it cover?

The central ban zone, where privately owned diesel cars will be banned between 07:00 and 15:00, includes part of the M32, the old city, Redcliffe, Spike Island, the Harbourside, and part of Hotwells.

Vehicles, with the exception of taxis and emergency services, will incur fines if they stray into the area. A wider Clean Air Zone (CAZ) extends further away from the city centre.

Which vehicles will it affect?

Private diesel cars will not be charged to enter the wider clean air zone. Diesel-powered lorries, vans, buses, and taxis which pay to enter the wider clean air zone will be allowed in the central zone. Taxis and vans will be subject to a daily charge of £9.

Buses/HGVs will be subject to a daily charge of £100.

ADF continues to invest in its fleet, aiming to have the large majority of its operations running on Euro 6 vehicles (clear guidance is not yet available to confirm if Euro 6 vehicles are subject to CAZ charges). Further updates are due in November.

Published on October 22nd, 2020