Investment in the ADF Fleet

In an effort to meet the constant demand for high-end premium equipment, we’ve continued to make considerable investment in new vehicles. We’ve added three whole units (circa 100 + vehicles) to our fleet which will give ADF the capacity to service 20 large productions at any one time.

Last year, we introduced to our fleet the following Trailers: 3 x Black Diamond Artic Costume, 3 x Black Diamond Make-up units, 2 x Black Diamond Production Offices, 15 x Black Diamond American 3-ways, 15 x Black Diamond American 2-ways & 2 x Black Diamond Single Artists along with 14 x Tech Trucks (Euro 6).

Even after this significant investment in luxury vehicles, we are still unable to satisfy the demand; in an endeavour to fill the void we will replicate our order of new equipment this year.

See the fleet by clicking the icons below: