Facilities by ADF in Demand: Bookings for 2020 Being Taken

Yet again, it’s been an incredibly busy year for ADF, with hardly any time to come up for air! Indications are that 2020 will start and continue in the same vain.

This year, in an effort to try and meet the constant demand for high-end, premium equipment we’ve made a considerable investment in new vehicles. We’ve added three whole units (circa 100 + vehicles) to our fleet that will now give ADF the capacity to service 17 large productions at any one time.

Even after adding this number of vehicles to the fleet we are still unable to satisfy the insatiable demand, and regrettably, have had to turn a considerable amount of work away. Being unable to service our client’s requirements really hurts – so in an endeavour to fill the void, we are going to replicate our order of new equipment in 2020.

The industry has seen a huge change in terms of securing supplier’s availability over the last two years. This has been seen even more recently with Disney & Netflix taking long term leases on studio space at Pinewood & Shepperton respectively. The majority of our bookings now come from Heads of Production and Production Executives who book their production slot at the beginning of the year in order to secure availability. The industry has evolved to such an extent that by July 2019, ADF more or less filled it’s order book for 2019 and started taking bookings for the first quarter of 2020.

With this in mind, if you have a project that is due to begin production early next year requiring our services then please make contact sooner rather than later to secure availability.

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